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In accordance with guidelines established by the National Harley Owners Group, the Southern Oregon No. 1 Chapter has established the following policy governing the use of alcohol, drugs, and other substances:

It is the policy of the Southern Oregon No. 1 Chapter of the Harley Owners Group #4099 that no rider shall be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other substances that may impair their ability to operate a vehicle during any Chapter sponsored ride. This policy applies both before and during any Chapter ride, and includes alcohol, prescription and over the counter drugs, as well as illegal drugs and any other substances.

If any rider is believed to be in violation, or is caught in the act of violating this policy they will not be allowed to ride with the group. If a ride is already in progress when a violation is discovered the person(s) involved will not be allowed to continue riding with the group. The Chapter Officers present may elect to try to arrange alternate transportation for the person or persons involved. Alternate transportation may not be available, and is not guaranteed by the Chapter.

The Southern Oregon No. 1 Chapter will not furnish alcohol at any event.